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Away Laughing Part 2: Honeymoon Over and Solenoids Move In!

Posted by Corrin Miller on
Away Laughing Part 2: Honeymoon Over and Solenoids Move In!

Solenoids haven’t really featured in my life before, in fact my knowledge of them was pretty poor. I am sad to say, that is no longer the case and my knowledge is now somewhat advanced and I am thinking of going on Mastermind with solenoids as my topic!

Who would have thought that creating a new lifestyle would be this hard, but I guess starting something new comes with new learning, oh how I wish it could be something more exciting though! In saying that, solenoids can keep you safe so thank you to the creator.

In the span of a week I lost three solenoids. Solenoids let things flow in and out when required and all 3 refused to flow out. My free flowing spirit was halted at the solenoid!

This did put me in a bit of an ‘oh goodness what have I done’ state. After the frantic time of getting ready for the road and emotions running high this came as a real blow to my confidence and happiness. My Nana once said, when one door closes another one opens…. but I hope you don’t spend too long in the hallway!! I often think of her saying this. I take a deep breath and come to the realisation - I just need to get through this hallway and all will be calm and manageable again. (Until the next time of stress, but that’s how life works). When your emotions are close to the surface due to whatever, even small tasks appear larger than they are.

On Thursday July 16th I was leaving no matter what. I’d gone back to the mechanic twice with oil leaks and even though I had no idea how to work the fridge I was chomping at the bit to get away. I set out on a massive journey from Kapiti to Lower Hutt! (40 minutes away). Quite poignant that my first stop in the journey is back to my home town. Getting back to my roots to begin my new life!

There I stayed with my friend of many years, Sarah Hyde, luckily I did as the first solenoid to go was for the heater and in July I needed that! I would have froze to death. I felt quite deflated, like I had been beaten. I contacted repair places and got nowhere so my choices were to head back to Plimmerton to the RV fix it shop and wait indefinitely for a part, or continue on my journey and look for another. I decided to continue to the Wairarapa. I concluded that I could always get my wallet out and pay for electricity in campgrounds so I wouldn’t turn into an icicle this early in my adventure! Another family saying... ‘if a problem can be solved with money, then it isn’t really a problem.’

Even better than a campground was my cousins house in Lake Ferry. What a beautiful place to hang for the weekend to try and restore some calm into me after my manic month or so of getting ready. Two nights with the Healey’s and I was ready to be on my way.

Drama number 2 strikes….or should I say character building exercise number 2!

We’re now waiting in Masterton on solenoid one to arrive but while I was driving to a friends for a cuppa the newly very expensive reconditioned motor stopped working and I had to slowly drift into a parking space. Luckily, there was room for me! After a few checks and nothing obvious leapt out I called in the experts and got the diesel mechanics around to help.

Being under tow to their yard was a bit nerve racking. I was quite pleased the mechanic didn’t go through the middle of town during peak traffic. So instead of visiting for a cuppa with my friend Lydia Roper she rescued me and took me in for 3 days. Just like a stray kitten.

Paying $1300 for a $45 solenoid did put pressure on my polite button but I was on my way again. Mechanics usually look miserable but I bet they smile all the way to the bank and all have gold taps in their bathrooms!

So far this wasn’t the adventure I’d signed up for; with engines, injectors, diesel and gas solenoids things could only get better, surely.

Waipatiki Campsite north of Napier

Hoping I will find a larger bridge to cross!!
Rest and relaxation after the solenoid saga in Waipatiki

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