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Life on The Road: Covid Smovid and why I’m so happy!

Posted by Corrin Miller on
Life on The Road: Covid Smovid and why I’m so happy!

Change is something you either love or tolerate. Not sure what it is in me, but I welcome it with open arms. Maya Angelou said, ‘If you’re given the chance to sit or dance, I hope you dance.’ I believe you can take the word dance and change it for anything that’s going at the time.

“If you get the chance to sit or kayak…KAYAK! And that’s what I did this morning on the stunning Kowharewa Bay, south of Tutukaka Northland. I was working (honest) and a kayak was offered to me so I couldn’t really refuse. Northland and the beaches are just gorgeous. I love it here.

Covid struck NZ again and Auckland’s doors shut the day after I made it through. I’m eternally grateful for that stroke of luck. So, I am officially land-locked in Northland! That’s happiness right there.

I have discovered that the one thing harder than working, is working on the road but if you have the discipline then it comes with massive perks (discipline has never been a strength of mine but I'm giving it a shot). 

When everyone around you is in holiday mode and there’s amazing walks and bike rides to be done it has taken all my willpower to sit and work. Easily distracted comes to mind! I used to be strict about not working beyond traditional work hours and certainly not on weekends, unless I was doing markets or expos. But now I find myself working at night, rainy Sunday afternoons, any time that means I can do some exploring during the sunny days. (which there are plenty of up here).

A comment people love to say is… “do what makes you happy.” I hated that saying as I was never quite sure what that was. I enjoyed different things but what actually ‘made me happy?’ This trip has made me see what I enjoy. I love being in cruise mode! Not rushing or thinking about where I need to go or what I need to do next. My mind is really quiet and it used to get pretty loud in there. Now I just think about what do I feel like doing today? Moving to a new bay or staying at the one I’m at? Life is tough :-)

 I was so concerned about trying to be happy all the time, or at least for most of it that I concentrated on the next thing more than concentrating on the ‘now’

On holiday you think well I have 4 days so I need to fit in this , this and this and it’s jammed packed and you hardly have time to breathe.

Now I think, the sun is on that spot so I’ll go and have my tea and toast there. When that’s finished I head back to the camper and make my second cup and read whilst having it. Dishes done and I think I’ll check emails and then at some point I remember to brush my teeth . Everything I do is given the time it takes, no rush to get out the door or must have this done by 10am. It’s a simple life and it’s magic. I’m so happy, contented is a better word.

I’ve been planning and dreaming of this life and thank goodness that now it has arrived I do actually like it 😊

Tutukaka Lighthouse walk. Spell bounding watching the waves meet in the middle. You can walk across at low tide. 


Tane Moana. 

One of New Zealand's largest Kauri standing a head and shoulders above the rest. Oh the stories it could tell from the last 2000 years, give or take a couple! 



This sand just reminded me our our  Vanilla and Macadamia Sugar Scrub, what a back drop!

Love this......


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