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Making Myself Homeless - Working on The Road

Posted by Corrin Miller on
Making Myself Homeless - Working on The Road

Making myself homeless wasn’t my best idea but it does send a rocket up ya bum that’s for sure!

Have you ever tried to work out the best plan for your next move in life and then get yourself in turmoil trying to figure out which plan to go with? It can be over overwhelming and for a year that’s where I was.

Should I move house, should I sell my house or rent it out, should I just go back teaching and make my life safe and easy?…….What should I do with the business? It’s a great business but I don’t want to be sitting at a computer most days. That’s not what I signed up for. Shall I sell it or make changes so it fits the life that I want? …..WHAT do I want???

In one word what do I want?.....FREEDOM, I want freedom.

  • Freedom to travel (cheers Covid) but I live in a beautiful country (NZ) so sweet as.
  • Freedom to meet new and present retailers all over NZ but without having to live out of a suitcase…I hate that.
  • Freedom to run my business- Smooch throughout NZ and to work from anywhere. (We can be anywhere from behind that laptop screen)
  • Freedom to escape the winter (Cheers once again to Covid, but maybe next year)
  • Freedom not to have lawns and garden taking over my weekends

So I made myself homeless

I knew that whatever path my life was going to take it meant moving out of my house and when friends desperately needed somewhere to live during a time of housing shortage. I decided to offer them my house!  I’d only had one glass of wine when I changed my world, so I can’t even blame alcohol for my decision.

I did however, think of a few things, such as, they can move in but I need to keep the Smooch room for making product, keep a room for Min Zi, my gorgeous border and they’ll need to feed my cats. Part of my brain was working. I must admit to being a tad scared when they agreed to all that, so it was on! What had I done?

I had taken the first step. They say each journey starts with the first step! But I’d made myself homeless so that was perhaps more of a giant leap than a step! I was on my way.

Actually, the first step was that I had seen a motorhome in Plimmerton close to where I lived. I decided I would buy that but probably best I go and have a look at it first. Getting smarter…?

Order of events that set the wheels in motion…

  • Friday saw a Trade Me ad for a motorhome
  • Saturday offered my house to friends
  • Sunday went to look at camper
  • Monday bought it!
  • Also Monday, drunk more wine….

I had started the life changing wheels in motion but what was I in for? Did I do the right thing?


                                                   My new home 

View From My Office

                                                My new office!




                             My new garage :-) 


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