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Goat's Milk Natural Soap Bar


Handmade with love in Dovedale, these soaps are as natural as soap can be. 


Our soap is made with the milk from our free range herd of milking nannies in small batches, using only the best ingredients to keep our soaps totally natural and skin friendly.

Being hand made the size may vary but the soaps are generally 120g or more and are long lasting. 

Goat milk contains lactic acid which helps to eliminate impurities.  It also contains alpha hydroxy acid which removes dead skin cells.

Goat milk is a natural moisturiser as well as containing vitamins A, C and E.  

It has natural anti-microbial properties and also helps with skin inflammation, so can be good for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions.

Our soaps do not contain other harmful ingredients like preservatives, antifreeze, or sodium lauryl sulphate.

Our products have never been tested on animals and contain no Palm Oil

Scents and Their Uses

Pinetar: Can be good for people with eczema and psoriasis 

Unscented: For skin conditions, sensitive skin and those not wanted a fragrance

Vanilla and Oatmeal: Great for a little bit of exfoliation, good for workers / dry hands but I'd suggest a non-exfoliation soap if you have eczema

Hemp: A beautiful soft feeling soap. Great for most people and babies people too :-)

The Others: Good for all

*Whilst we endeavour to have these scents available it is not always possible, so a similar flavour may be sent in place. (Unless you order Pinetar or unscented, and then we will tell you if there is a stock delay but we normally have them all in stock).




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