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Massage Oil with a Twist

Massage Oil with a Twist

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Smooch Massage Oil is a luxurious body oil and a natural lubricant. Smooch is perfect for a fun time with your partner, helping you connect with each other in an intimate and loving way.  It feels great, tastes great and enhances your evening. 


Fijian Niu, 100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil and our own unique blends of essential oils. (Plus, Pure Vanilla planifolia and a whole vanilla pod in the large Vanilla Smooch)

Nothing nasty... NO Parabens NO Sulphates NO Petrochemicals 

40g Vanilla or Coconut

155g Vanilla or Coconut

Benefits of Smooch Massage Oil

  • Smooch contains caprylic acid which may kill fungus and yeast (E.g. candida, as well as vaginal yeast).
  • Smooch is rich in many proteins which keep the skin healthy and rejuvenated. It will leave your skin feeling renewed and silky smooth
  • Smooch may help repair and replace damaged cells on the skin keeping skin smooth and protecting it against cracking
  • Works a treat for women during menopause and anyone experiencing dryness
  • Adds to a woman's own natural lubricant and doesn't lose friction
  • Feels great on your skin
  • Feel the aroha

Benefits of Vanilla
  • An antioxidant and cognitive enhancing agent...stops your brain being cloudy!
  • Europeans believed in vanillas abilities to reduce joint pain
  • Vanilla is thought to cure male impotency
  • Stimulates desire
  • Aztecs loved vanilla for its powerful aphrodisiac properties
  • Tastes and smells divine

Note  - Remember to give your Smooch Vanilla a swish about to mix the vanilla anytime it changes to an oil state (it will change in consistency due to heat).


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