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What Is Doctor Smooch?

Doctor Smooch is formulated with 100% natural ingredients, so no chemicals, stabilisers or preservatives, with each included ingredient working in its natural state. All ingredients are truly natural – some even edible.

Our best seller for a good reason, Doctor Smooch is beneficial for Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, cracked/dry skin and other common skin problems whether it’s for you or the whole family. You can take comfort in knowing you aren’t harming your body or the planet.

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Human-made skin remedies have their place but not everyone wants to solve their skin problems with pharmaceutical products. Some of you, like myself prefer to go the natural way. Here at Smooch we love the natural way, and with that in mind I developed a 100% natural product to help relieve eczema.

Personally as the founder of Smooch I found synthetic creams to be irritating to my skin and they dried my skin over time, not to mention the thought of putting difficult-to-pronounce chemicals on my body. I wanted to heal my eczema, but naturally, with natural alternatives which aren’t harmful to people or the environment. After experimenting with various ingredients supplied exclusively by mother nature, I came up with a formula, including one special ingredient, which I believed would help with my skin problems – and yay it worked! 

One of the key ingredients being Macadamia Oil, I use this oil as it is about as close as you can get to our own natural body oils. Macadamia oil is rich in Palmitoleic acid and Oleic Acid making it particularly good for dry skin, easy to absorb and macadamias fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties, which may also be beneficial for people with eczema. 

Doctor Smooch skin remedy is also based on a unique coconut oil sourced from a little-known village in Fiji. Owned and operated by the locals, their oil processing method follows a long tradition and is kind to our skin and the environment. When creating this product for myself I wanted a top quality coconut oil that was untreated with chemicals and heat, basically I wanted the best I could find.


There’s not a single ingredient in Doctor Smooch that isn’t edible.


Yes, you can eat it…but it’s not recommended 😊. (There are yummier tasty morsels out there!)

Along with cold pressed virgin Fijian coconut oil, Doctor Smooch contains macadamia extracts, vitamins and natural vanilla oleoresin, so there’s no harm done to either the inside or outside of your body.


Leaving out stabilisers and other synthetic additives makes the finished product a balm rather than a cream.


Applying it to affected areas is simple. As a balm it’s always in its natural state and easily absorbed into your skin. Doctor Smooch is an excellent treatment for eczema but it’s also an overall body moisturiser.  It’s a natural skin hydrator with oils that resemble your own natural body oils. Apply it anywhere to see an overall improvement to the look and feel of your skin.  


'Fast relief from dry itchy skin,' is one of the most common comments we get from people who try Doctor Smooch.


“We have tried creams and washes and prescriptions from doctors...nothing seemed to work. We have used your product twice and all the dry skin has healed…”

—  Nelson Shopper 

 "Dr Smooch is amazing for everyone's skin in the family - itchy skin and scalp, athletes foot, eczema and as a night face cream. Love it - highly recommended."

- Emma

Doctor Smooch can usually be used safely without worry of any side effects or unexpected irritations. It’s also safe to use alongside other medications. (If you’re not sure consult your general practitioner)

 The Short Version.....

  • Doctor Smooch is an everyday skin balm, not only an application for eczema. Use everyday for best results. 
  • 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic stabilisers, additives or fillers. 
  • You can use Doctor Smooch  in conjunction with other prescription creams or medicines.
  • Contains macadamia so can support our own body natural oils
  • Quality natural ingredients, in their natural state
  • Results driven. I needed to do something to help my own skin so everything I did was results driven. I had to have it work


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  1. All of your purchases should arrive in environmentally-kind packaging free of plastics (unless it’s being repurposed). We’re careful about looking after you and the planet from top to bottom.


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